Artist Statement

Science Fiction expresses, perhaps more than any other genre of literature, the impulse to GO BEYOND: this earth, this prevailing scenario, this very body. It thereby also expresses a fundamental despair with these same things. As the character of Gibarian says in the 2002 film “Solaris”: “We take off into the cosmos, ready for anything – solitude, hardship, exhaustion, death. We’re proud of ourselves. But when you think about it, our enthusiasm’s a sham. We don’t want other worlds; we want mirrors.” Science Fiction is a romance with a mirror, and my intention is to capture an abstract representation of various states of mind and soul – what it means to be human – through our objectifying projections onto the cosmos around us. May the interrogation of the outer darkness assist in our interrogation of the inner.


About the Artist

Michael Theophan Lujan is an artist, graphic designer and web developer living on the west side of Los Angeles.


  • Part of a group show “Wondrous Orthodox Arts Happening (WOAH),” at the Loft 2 Gallery, San Pedro, CA, Spring 2014.
  • Solo show at the Loft 2 Gallery, February 2013.
  • Two-page “Merit Award” feature in Summer 2006 Special Issue of Black and White Magazine.
  • Solo show at the Back Alley Gallery, Oracle, AZ, 2007.
  • Solo show at Black Rose Caffe, Tucson, AZ, 2007.
  • Solo show of photographic artwork at Borders Books & Music, Memphis, TN 2005.